MAC not as safe as you thought. Hackers exploit 17,000 MAC OS X Computers

Dr.Web has revealed that a new exploit in MAC OS X has been found and is CURRENTLY being used to host a botnet with over 17,000 MAC computers.

Mac.BackDoor.iWorm is able to perform two types of commands: different directives depending on the binary data provided and Lua scripts. Basic backdoor commands for Lua-scripts can be used to perform the following actions:

Get the OS type.
Get the bot version.
Get the bot UID.
Get a value from the configuration file.
Set a parameter value in the configuration file.
Remove all parameters from the configuration file.
Get bot uptime.
Send a GET query.
Download a file.
Open a socket for an inbound connection and then execute the commands received.
Execute a system instruction.
Ban a node by IP.
Clear the list of banned nodes.
Get the node list.
Get a node IP.
Get node type.
Get node port.
Execute a nested Lua-script.

You should be running an Anti-Virus program, even on Macintosh computers.