Chinese company installs backdoor on unknown number of US smartphones

If you own a BLU phone, you should contact them about fixing the problem. It appears only BLU headset in the US are affected, if you have a Huawei or ZTE handset they are also affected.

The AdsUps Malware is transmitting the following:

Collect and Send SMS texts to AdUps' server every 72 hours.
Collect and Send call logs to AdUps' server every 72 hours.
Collect and Send user personally identifiable information (PII) to AdUps' server every 24 hours.
Collect and Send the smartphone's IMSI and IMEI identifiers.
Collect and Send geolocation information.
Collect and Send a list of apps installed on the user's device.
Download and Install apps without the user's consent or knowledge.
Update or Remove apps.
Update the phone's firmware and Re-program the device.
Execute remote commands with elevated privileges on the user's device.

Smartphones should come with no other software installed and we should have the capability to remove anything from our phones that we want. We don't have this power and this is what happens. Don't think this issue will get any better. Smartphones are NOT SECURE. You have ZERO control over what is installed on it by default and cannot remove most preinstalled programs.