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PC Savants has extensive experience fixing the Sony PS3 of the Yellow Light of Death, Green Light of Death, Red Light of Death, Blinking Light of Death and ALL Bluray drive issues. If your system turns off and beeps it can be fixed. We have been the ONLY shop in AZ offering a PS3 Reball since 2011.

Playstation 4 game console repairs.

All systems will be fixed within 72 hours unless parts are out of stock. Most systems are back in your hands within 24 hours.

Reflow available upon request. Reball is the recommended fix your broken PS3.

Sony Playstation 3 Repairs

Yellow Light of Death Repair | YLOD - LED flashes yellow once, then red and console beeps 3 times and shuts off.
Red Light of Death Repair | RLOD - LED flashes red and console beeps 3 times and shuts off.
Green Light of Death Repair | GLOD - System turns on but no video is displayed (TV displays no signal)
System Overheating - Fans run on high speed or overheating message displayed on screen.
Red or Black Screen.

Do you see video artifacts during game play?
Your PS3 can be fixed even if it displays Bars | Lines | Snow | Blocks | Distorted Colors on the screen.

Has your console ever froze during a game? Console freezing during games or after the console is started can easily be repaired.

Sony Playstation 3 Disc Drive Repairs

Stuck CD / DVD / Game. Can't eject discs or can't load discs.
Save yourself some $$$, At least 50% of drives can be fixed with only a cleaning and adjustment.
We can realign the disc drive if a CD was forced in or out.

6 Month warranty.

Playstation 3 Repairs

  • Reball Service.
  • CD|DVD|Bluray Repairs.
  • Any problem, one price.
  • Install Windows, Programs and Driver updates.
  • 6 Month warranty included.
  • $79

    PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade and Replacement

  • 500GB and up
  • Starting at

    PlayStation 3 Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

  • Clean Interior of all dust.
  • Apply new thermal paste to CELL and RSX processors.
  • Clean and lube BluRay Drive.
  • Off-Site Service


    11966 W Candelaria CT
    Sun City, AZ 85373

    Located Near the 303 and El Mirage Rd.


    Monday thru Friday 10AM to 7PM
    Saturday thru Sunday 11AM to 6PM

    Service by Appointment