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+$10 for Xbox 360 Slim and E Model units
+$19 for additional services ( add Disc Drive Service with reball)

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repairs | RROD

The Red Ring of Death or RROD is the most common Xbox 360 repair. It doesn't matter if your Xbox 360 is displaying 1 - 3 red lights, freezing, or other graphical errors, it is almost always related to the graphics processor (GPU) on the board.

Graphical Errors - Artifacts | Bars | Lines | Snow | Blocks.
No Video Output. Console Freezing.

1 Red Light

Hardware Fault - E68 | E74 | E79 Etc.

2 Red Lights

System Overheating

3 Red Lights

General System Error

4 Red Lights

AV cable disconnected | Video Scaler Issue

Reball Only!

The only proper way to fix a Xbox 360 is to do a reball (replacement of solder spheres under the GPU). Some shops do reflows (Heat old solder until it becomes liquidious) and other shops use heatguns (Does NOT reflow solder).

PC Savants is still one of the only repair shops in AZ that actually performs reballs. We will ONLY reball a RROD Xbox 360 and have been doing this since 2011.

Xbox 360 GPU Replacement

If a shop claims to reball Xbox 360 consoles but cannot replace the GPU, you should question if they can actually do a reball.

Xbox 360 Disc Drive Repairs

Disc drive does not read CD / DVD / Games. Unreadable disc error. Open Tray Errors. Tray will not open.

We have refurbished DVD drives and high quality parts in stock for quick service. We have very low failures rates and all parts are cover by our 6 month warranty.

We now accept mailed in systems. Call for additional information.


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