Why do you prefer retail shops?

If it's because you think they know more or are trained better than smaller one man shops, you may want to think again. I just got a console from that was deemed "unfixable" by another retail shop. They went there first because they offered free diagnostics (We do too). They did not charge them for not being able to repair this PlayStation 4 but did tell them the console was "unfixable" and they would need to purchase a new console, losing any data stored on the old PS4. This is a Destiny PS4 console which is no longer available for sale.

I told my client over the phone that 99% of PS4 HDMI repairs fail because they are not soldered on properly. The soldering was not so much the issue ( All 4 ground/support pins have visible cold solder joints which is not good ) as was the port not being aligned properly, something you do BEFORE you solder the port. Why this wasn't caught immediately after it still had no HDMI output is mind boggling. It took me 5 minutes to open the console, 10 seconds to grab a flashlight and magnifying device, and 1 second to see it was not aligned properly. Every single pin is connected to the wrong pin on the board and it may have destroyed components on the board.

Take a look at the picture. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or anyone familiar with electronics to see something doesn't look right with the top and bottom pins in the picture. I am almost 100% certain this is because they just heated up the board until the solder liquefied and then pushed the new port in place. Rookie mistake. Out of the +50 or so HDMI ports I have replaced only 1 went in and aligned perfect on the first try.

Client saved $299 and gets to keep their console and all data on it.

Do you want someone that has successfully repaired over a thousand PlayStation, Xbox and other game consoles to fix your device or some retail shop that hires whomever they can get for the least amount of money?