OfficeDepot runs tech scam in store

Thinking that going to a major retailer is the best place to have your PC fixed? Seattle station KIRO-TV, tipped off by a whistleblower and bolstered by confirming employees, is accusing Office Depot staffers of doing just that: diagnosing brand-new, just out of the box computers with malware infections that some stores suggested would cost up to $200 to clean up. Office Depot runs a PC health check that is similar to old malware that would popup a message on screen saying you had 5,000 items wrong and needed to pay $XXX to fix them.

Office Depot has shut down all tech services temporarily.

This program is built by Office Depot, they are the only ones who could modify the program to mislead customers and their techs. This is also probably not restricted to just WA and OR, this is the only place where they tested it out before Office Depot shut down all services. Who knows how many years this has been going on.