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Computer and Electronics Repairs. Apple iPhone and iPad Repairs.

PC Savants has been providing Computer and Electronics Repairs to the Sun City, Surprise, Peoria, AZ, and surrounding Communities since 2010. Our services include: Onsite Computer and Laptop Repairs, Mac Repairs, Wired and Wireless Networking, Apple iPhone iPad and iPod Repairs, Data Recovery Services, and Video Game Console Repairs. Soldering Services: Surface Mount Devices (SMD), Reflow and Reball of BGA chips. CD, DVD, and BluRay disc resurfacing.

Why should you choose PC Savants for your Computer and Electronics Repairs?

  2. Cheaper and Faster than Retail Shops. Flat rate pricing.
  3. On Site Computer and Laptop Repair Services Available
  4. Ensuring your data is protected is our primary concern when working on any system.
  5. Microsoft Certified Desktop Professional. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. Ask to see our Certifications.
  6. Complete PC Services include Full 1 Year subscriptions of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware security programs.
  7. More than 15 years experience working on home and business systems.
  8. 90% of computer repair problems can be diagnosed over the phone. Basic diagnostics are FREE.
  9. Same day and Next day service available. Most system returned within 24 hours.
  10. Computer Repair Services open Saturday and Sunday.
  11. FREE tips and suggestions to keep you safe in the future
  12. Website, Business Email, Multiple online reviews sites and Social Media platforms for feedabck.
  13. 6 Month Warranty on all work

Specialize in fixing PS3 and Xbox 360 game console deemed UNFIXABLE by other shops
We have been offering PS3 Reball and Xbox Reball Services since 2011 and have been the only shop to that actually performed this service. Why would you bring your console to someone that can only, at best, offer a temporary repair?

We Buy and Sell Working and Non-Working Video Game Consoles, Computers and Laptops, iPhones, iPads and other Electronics Devices.

Call us now 602-492-3499 for a free estimate! Follow @pcsavants for questions or Free PC Tips and Help.

VPNFilter Malware infecting millions of devices.

There is a nasty Russian malware called VPNfilter going around right now. It is recommended that you immediately reboot your router, reset it to factory defaults, and then flash it with the newest firmware. This malware is affecting home and business routers.

VPNFilter will attempt to downgrade HTTPS connection to HTTP and perform what's called a man-in-the-middle attack. It is now believed these attacks are specifically targeting home systems to obtain passwords and login info. This should be taken seriously.

Why do you prefer retail shops?

If it's because you think they know more or are trained better than smaller one man shops, you may want to think again. I just got a console from that was deemed "unfixable" by another retail shop. They went there first because they offered free diagnostics (We do too). They did not charge them for not being able to repair this PlayStation 4 but did tell them the console was "unfixable" and they would need to purchase a new console, losing any data stored on the old PS4. This is a Destiny PS4 console which is no longer available for sale.

I told my client over the phone that 99% of PS4 HDMI repairs fail because they are not soldered on properly. The soldering was not so much the issue ( All 4 ground/support pins have visible cold solder joints which is not good ) as was the port not being aligned properly, something you do BEFORE you solder the port. Why this wasn't caught immediately after it still had no HDMI output is mind boggling. It took me 5 minutes to open the console, 10 seconds to grab a flashlight and magnifying device, and 1 second to see it was not aligned properly. Every single pin is connected to the wrong pin on the board and it may have destroyed components on the board.

Take a look at the picture. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or anyone familiar with electronics to see something doesn't look right with the top and bottom pins in the picture. I am almost 100% certain this is because they just heated up the board until the solder liquefied and then pushed the new port in place. Rookie mistake. Out of the +50 or so HDMI ports I have replaced only 1 went in and aligned perfect on the first try.

Client saved $299 and gets to keep their console and all data on it.

Do you want someone that has successfully repaired over a thousand PlayStation, Xbox and other game consoles to fix your device or some retail shop that hires whomever they can get for the least amount of money?

Cloudflare's Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak

Cloudflare has experienced an issue exposing personal information of anyone who may have visited sites using Cloudflare services. Cloudflare services are on some of the biggest sites on the Internet. Sites likely to use Cloudflare are: Gaming, social, porn, and file sharing.

You should change your passwords. Google / Microsoft services do not use Cloudflare.

Between 2016-09-22 - 2017-02-18 passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters. Data was cached by search engines, and may have been collected by random adversaries over the past few months.

Requests to sites with the HTML rewrite features enabled triggered a pointer math bug. Once the bug was triggered the response would include data from ANY other Cloudflare proxy customer that happened to be in memory at the time. Meaning a request for a page with one of those features could include data from Uber or one of the many other customers that didn't use those features. So the potential impact is every single one of the sites using Cloudflare's proxy services (including HTTP & HTTPS proxy).

A list of sites on the top 10,000 most trafficed sites. Just because the website you visit is not on that list does not mean it does not use Cloudflare.

A few notable sites

digitalocean.com (no leaked data found in several search engine caches)
curse.com (and some other Curse sites like minecraftforum.net)
namecheap.com (no leaked data found in several search engine caches)
discordapp.com (affected)
glassdoor.com (no leaked data found in several search engine caches)
vultr.com (no leaked data found in several search engine caches)
fastmail.com (not affected, #2)
1password.com (not affected)



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