• LCD Screen Replacement

    Laptop screen broken or damaged? We can replace the LCD with a new OEM replacement. If your touchscreen is not working we can repair that too.

  • Charging – Power problems

    Is your Laptop not turning on? Stopped charging? We can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

  • Diagnostics

    Getting Blue Screens or other error messages on screen? Laptop stopped booting? No Audio, Graphical glitches, charging problems? We can repair most Laptop motherboards instead of replacing them.

  • Keyboard Replacements

    Keys stopped working? We can replace the keyboard on any laptop.

  • Networking

    Laptop stopped connecting to wireless networks? Cant’s connect to a wired network? We can fix all these issues and more.

  • Hard Drive Upgrades

    Get rid of that slow mechanical HDD and replace it with a super fast SSD. We also replace standard drives.

  • Jack Replacement

    Laptop stopped charging and you purchase a new charger and it still doesn’t charge? We can replace any laptop jack on any model laptop.

  • Port Replacements

    HDMI ports, USB ports, Audio ports.

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