• Front Glass Replacement

    Is the Digitizer top glass broken? Scratched badly? Let us replace that old screen with a brand new, crystal clear, new one.

  • Charging – Power problems

    Is your Nintendo Switch not turning on? No longer charging? We can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

  • Diagnostics

    No Audio, Graphical glitches, charging problems? We repair Nintendo Switch circuit boards.

  • Joy Con Joystick Replacement

    Joystick sticking or not moving smoothly. We can replace the old broken joysticks with brand new ones.

  • Joy Con Charging

    Joy Cons stopped charging? We can replace the batteries or fix any charging problem.

  • NAND upgrades

    Upgrade from a 32 GB internal storage up to 128 GB.

    Modded consoles only.

  • Joy-Con Buckle Lock

    Joy Cons slipping out of the tablet? Not locking in place? We can fix that too.

  • Port Replacements

    HDMI ports, USB C ports, SD card slots.

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