Xbox One services and Repairs. We perform circuit level diagnostics of Xbox motherboards. We can repair when other shops have to replace or tell you its not fixable.

  • HDMI Port

    Getting no signal when you turn on your Xbox One? We use reinforced HDMI ports to prevent future issues.

  • Disc Drive

    Can’t play Blurays or Game discs? System doesn’t eject or you can’t insert discs? We can fix it quickly.

    We resurface Xbox Bluray Discs.

  • Diagnostics

    System doesn’t turn on? Turns off after you turn it on? We repair Xbox One circuit boards.

  • No Power

    If your Xbox One does not power on at all we can help. We can perform circuit level diagnostics and repair the motherboard. Most other shops will tell you the system is not fixable.

  • No Video

    Does your Xbox One turn on but nothing displays on the screen? Brought it to other shops and they could not fix it. Not only can we perform the proper reapir to fix it but we are one of the few suppliers with brand new replacement chips for this repair.

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